Mind the Gap - IT is undergoing seismic change as next-generation technologies drive digital busines

How will you build the business case for the digital transformation - or simply your next cloud transition? We believe the answer is:

1. to assess cost by fully-burdened workload and

2. address the full life-cycle cost including current and forecasted production costs as well as the often missed or underestimated migration costs.

We call this blind spot "The Gap".

To address this need, The TCO Alliance, a partnership of the International Institute of IT Economics and IT Business Decisions is pleased to announce Workload TCO Analyst.

Key Issue: What is the true cost of IT transitions?

Solution: Perform a rigorous financial analysis of:

· Major on-premises and managed services workloads

· Develop workload baseline costs, future scenarios, and decision options

· Using detailed “puts & takes” to show financial impact, performance tracking and “what if?" analysis

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