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March 29, 2018

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Report Shows Businesses Fail to Realise ROI from IT Investments

March 25, 2014

According to new research, only one in four companies (25%) in EMEA meet the definition of a ‘Transformer’ – a company that describes its use of IT infrastructure to drive “innovation excellence.” The success of Transformer companies is supported by a number of metrics. For example:

• 70% of Transformers expect return on investment (ROI) on all or most new technology investments within two to three years compared to 57% of non-Transformers.

• 61% of new IT applications or services introduced in the last 12 months are described as a complete success for Transformers compared to 52% for non-Transformers.

• 29% of Transformers see more than three-quarters of projects as a success compared to 16% of non-€Transformers. 

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