Sidekick SuiteTM

Assisting the IT management team in optimizing the cost, risk and business value of IT.
So, what;s a Sidekick? A sidekick is a trusted friend and savvy advisor.
Most IT organizations have an abundance of data ‘locked’ in operational systems. This makes it very difficult to make data-driven decisions.
Sidekick solves this problem. Powered by ITin3D, a powerful, agile modeling platform Sidekick is optimized for four key IT management roles - CIO - Product Manager - Financial Manager - Architect. Each of these personas can be implemented individually or in any combination.
CIO Sidekick
Client Value
  • CIOs can prove IT value contribution to the business

  • IT and business KPIs are aligned to drive common goals

  • Performance issues are caught early and mitigated

  • IT performance is optimized around cost, risk, and business value



  • KPIs are designed around business objectives and value streams

  • KPI targets are designed and tracked to drive IT performance

  • KPI risk is evaluated against magnitude and mitigation factors

  • Cost, risk & value of solutions are compared in a Curve analysis

Service / Product Manager Sidekick













Client Value

  • Provides an in-depth transparency to lower IT costs

  • See the whole picture with multi-dimensional portfolio optimization analytics

  • Gain in depth insights into individual product costs

  • Compare IT product costs to industry benchmarks


  • Transforms IT financial data from cost centers to IT services

  • Re-distributes technical services to business services

  • Distributes business services to consumer

  • Enables in depth granularity and transparency of all IT costs


Financial Analyst Sidekick












Client Value

  • Forecast multiple scenarios for change

  • Report to management the realization of benefits

  • High quality financials for digital transformation initiatives


  • Rigorous ROI for cloud migration and other major initiatives

  • Underpins and tracks roadmap plans and decisions

  • Measures change over time against baselines

  • Includes business benefits and financial impact

  • Track large projects actual costs and tag KPIs

IT / Business Architect Sidekick











Client Value

  • Connects business & IT architecture to asses business contribution

  • Maximizes ROA (return on assets) for IT decisions


  • Cost / benefit analysis of architectural options and trade offs

  • Build alternate architectural cost scenarios

IIIE is an authorized sales agent of the Sidekick Suite™ built with the ITin3D™  Modeling Tool. The SidekicK Suite™ and ITin3D™ (patent pending) are fully owned products of IT Business Dimensions, copyright all rights reserved.