The International Institute of IT Economics is dedicated to a better understanding of
the business value of information technology investments.


Our mission is to communicate the true costs (TCO) and business value (ROI) of proposed of IT investments through a rigorous methodology, market insights and extensive experience.
The IIIE provides TCO / ROI validation, certification, audit, tool development, and consulting services to information technology vendors and buyers.



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The International Institute of IT Economics (IIIE) was founded in 2013 by Bill Kirwin and Peter Brooks, recognized thought leaders in the business value of IT.

Bill Kirwin

Bill Kirwin is a consultant with over thirty years of experience in IT research and consulting with an emphasis on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), IT finance, risk analysis, management of IT, and the impact of disruptive technologies. Bill is acknowledged as the creator of the TCO methodology for IT and corresponding programs. His work at Gartner over a twenty-year tenure led to the establishment of TCO as an industry standard for calculating IT costs across all IT platforms.

Peter Brooks

Peter has over twenty years of successfully providing business and IT solutions to clients - quantifying the business value of technology products and solutions, identifying competitive advantage, and developing product strategies. Peter has worked as a consultant in large companies such as IBM, PWC (Management Consulting Group), and Wipro, in startups, and at his own consultancy.

Why choose IIIE?

We recognize that an entire industry has evolved as the concept of TCO has taken hold as a practice for IT procurement decisions and a platform for vendor competitive positioning. There thousands of TCO practitioners around the world, many of whom were trained by Bill at Gartner.

At the IIIE, we have tapped into this community of experts to provide a wide range of services for IT buyers and sellers. We review and certify existing IT value tools and we will develop custom tools to establish the value of IT investments. We can deliver on-line value calculators, standalone tools, competitive analyses, and deal-specific reviews of IT value propositions. Each member of our community is certified to reflect our mission of providing honest, objective, third party assessments of IT value.

We know you have a TCO story to tell or a TCO decision to make. Why would you trust this high visibility responsibility to anyone else?


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